Saturday, April 21, 2012

Home Team Ticked

Apparently the folks in the highlands are a wee bit agitated:

SCOTS film-maker Tessa Hartmann has slammed Alex Salmond’s Scottish Government, accusing them of ignoring her animated feature in favour of Disney Pixar movie Brave. Sir Billi, which has been in production for six years, premiered at the Sonoma International Film Festival in California last weekend.

But American-made Brave has been picked out as a highlight of the Edinburgh Film Festival later this year and is being promoted heavily by Visit Scotland. Tessa, who openly backs the Tories, said: “The Scottish Government have put £7million of above-the-line advertising and promotions into Brave. ...

The problem with the Scottish locals' CG movie is ... well, the bits and pieces I have seen didn't knock me out. (And the critics have not been kind.)

The clips floating around the intertubes come off like Jimmy Neutron episodes. The art form has moved waaay past Jimmy.


Anonymous said...


Sir Billi is a pile of doggie doo. And people at the Sonoma Film Festival WALKED OUT it was so awful.

Anonymous said...

Sir Billi is indeed horrendous. Jimmy Neutron is a masterpiece compared to that(both storytelling and animation-wise)

Anonymous said...

Sir Billi looks worse than Hoodwinked.

Anonymous said...

Oh god, I remember seeing some promotional materials a while ago about 'Sir Billi,' thinking why the hell would Sean Connery involve himself in something so patently amateurish??

Holy cow, does it look bad! On their website, as it scrolls each character, they just get uglier and uglier. The filmmakers' bio is quite hilarious in their high appraisals of themselves ("We're perfectionists!"). Add to that a thoroughly boring, uncompelling concept, and you have a stinker of unimaginable depths.

Seriously, this is worse than student work. I'm ALL in favor of local, independent studios taking on the big guys--but you have to have some level of competence.

Anonymous said...

Sir Billi looks like a piece of steaming shit.
Brave, on the other hand, looks fantastic.

Hmmm...I wonder which one I would choose to promote my country -_-

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